Patience & Faith is all it Takes!

I see a lot of interest in people shifting towards alternative systems of medicine n healing these days…which is amazing!…but the catch remains on how consistent one is with these!

As amazing as it is, to see how people are actually ready to make this shift, but it is even more disheartening when I see the same people, who initially are so eager to start on these remedies n healing therapies, suddenly vanish into thin air when it’s just been a few days or a few weeks into these systems of treatment.

And today as of always I ask again, “you come to these alternative systems of healing coz you say you’re so disheartened n fed up of taking all those allopathic medicines for all these years and yet see no results towards improvement of your health; infact disclosing yourself that you’re much worse from the state of health you started. And yet when it’s only been a few days/weeks into this healing system and that too when you begin to see the ‘betterment’ start to happen , but just that you’re not ‘fully cured’ in these few days, so you suddenly lose all faith and without a mention switch back to the earlier system you’d been following for years without complain of it not working (and not to mention the complications it’d got you into) !”

Might sound like me complaining here but all I want to say again is , “as much time you’ve given your body n mind to become ‘unhealthy’, give atleast 20percent of that time to yourself to heal healthily. Just as you’ve been ‘patiently’ bringing yourself to destruction, atleast for once try to ‘patiently’ wait for your body n mind to restore themselves back to health with the ‘non-destructive’ healing modalities.

Trust nature and it’s process, have faith n patience for your own self and you’ll see how the magic starts unfolding and how your body and mind regain the health n happiness they deserve to have!

Love n Light
Reema Vohra