Consultation & Remedies

Homoeo-Bach Therapy

Bringing health to one and all - health, wherein the soul, body and mind, all are happy once again; by way of listening to the deepest of fears and agonies, understanding the chronic ailments and the hard hitting traumas, by lending an unjudgemental ear and giving a safe, secure place to share in your stories, I see clients off with new hopes and smiling hearts. Supporting in this endeavour of mine, the Homoeopathy and Bach remedies I give, ensure that the clients get the desired results sooner and permanently.

This therapy has helped thousands of clients who've come in for help to me with ailments ranging from chronic and recurring colds, coughs, skin ailments, heart troubles, digestive disorders, ear and eye troubles, troubles pertaining to the nervous system, cancer etc. Moreover, cases of severe and chronic depression, children facing difficulties in study related problems and other mind related issues have been greatly helped with.

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