Monday Morning Blues

As we come to the end of this decade..and through to the last Monday of it today, I realise how lucky n blessed I am to come to work each day and the ‘ Monday Mornings’ that are ever so ‘dreaded’ are just so ‘looked forward to’ here’!

I LOVE the work I do and am ever so thankful to Daddyji, Dr. D.S.Vohra, for showing me this path and walking me through it everyday, holding my hand, leading me and being my guiding light always!!!

This Monday is just another reminder of how when you love the work you do, you don’t have to work a day in your life!

And today I welcome all the ‘Mondays’ there are to be, and the New Year 2020 with arms wide and open… to bless us all with the ‘work’ that nourishes us, our souls and our lives with abundance and prosperity , so that we feel Mondays to be ‘dragging’ no more but as days we look forward to each week, for all the coming weeks in our lives!!!