Why we have Facial Hair?

Been thinking about this one:

Have u ever wondered why we have facial hair?

It’s so that the germs n the bacteria are caught right in them rather than directly entering the sensitive mucous membranes of the nose, mouth and the eyes.

And what’s with people, esp. girls n women getting these lazer treatments done to completely rid them of these hair that are such saviours??!!??

It’s times like these that are such reminders : when, to avoid this C virus situation, the first line of safety n precaution is to avoid touching your face and whilst somehow one does and has these first line of barriers – their facial hair still intact, is saved at least that much bit from the virus entering directly, with at least that much of a ‘hair-line’ guard there!

God made man the way He did with all the good reasons there! It’s us, humans who distort His creation n then crib about it. Our bodies have been made ‘perfectly’ as they are! Avoid these treatments as much as you can, for, getting into all this stuff is like opening the doors to the strong walls of defence aka immunity to the outside damaging influences.

You’re beautiful the way you are your inner strength n immunity adds on to your light! Let the glow come from within, with the strength of your body, mind n soul!

Much Love n Light
Reema Vohra