Preventions of COVID-19

So many queries , messages and frantic calls on wanting to know what Homoeopathic remedies to be taken in lieu of the ongoing coronavirus scare!

N all this because so many Homoeopathic doctors n others are flooding watsapp n other social media suggesting various remedies to be taken for prevention of coronavirus infection.

In an already confused n worried world, there’s no stopping anyone to spread more confusion!!!

But the real deal here is to understand that this virus n more are going to keep developing and eating into us for times to come. As the medical advancements keep happening and as the climatic changes keep happening, as our bodies keep changing, these viruses are not far behind! Everyday even these are trying to adapt themselves to the changes happening and come out in new forms n new diseases. So then, the question remains, what do we do?

Over these years , our bodies have become so weak and prone to catching these infections because of so many factors including all the allopathic meds n antibiotics one has started taking at the word go, not to talk of the stress levels that are going through the roof! For every sneeze n every fever, for the smallest of injury n the minor rash, we have all the antiallergics, injections n meds at our beck n call!

Not a moment do we spare for the most amazing n potent power in our systems to work, i.e. our natural immune system. It’s as if we’ve forgotten that our bodies have their own in-built shield ? to fight anything from the outside attacking us. Such a sad state it is! We’ve started relying on the outside to protect the inside!

N all these viruses n newer versions of fevers n diseases coming in everyday are such a reminder of the same! Newer versions of these keep coming coz even they’re working on themselves on the inside to keep alive in the changing circumstances around. If only we too work on making our immune system strong once again, we’d be in such a better place now n for all to come in the future!

N while I talk of making the immune system strong, it’s not only physically but more importantly emotionally as well .

Work on your fears, your apprehensions, and stress that is adding on to the weakening of the immunity.

Eat well n eat right emphasising on what nature’s given us – fruits , vegetables , nuts etc. Eat nature’s produce which is seasonal n available easily, at the lowest rates coz what nature is growing naturally n seasonally is what gives us the most nutrients , thereby building our body’s natural strength.

Maintain a healthy routine –
Keep your bodies n esp. the hands clean at all times
Drink lots of water
Keep away from the allopathic meds as much as u can
laugh as much as you can
and take charge of your body n emotions for good!
Stay healthy, happy and disease free!

Much Love n Light
Reema Vohra