Simplicity and Health

People come in with all sorts of ‘HEAVY’ technical terms to mention their troubles…. those simple troubles of their bodies that have been ‘FANCILY NAMED’ by the ‘EXPERTS’ in the ‘INDUSTRY’.

If they have a skin trouble of any sort , they’d say they have ‘psoriasis’ ; if they have a belching problem or a simple gas trouble, they’d say they have ‘acidity’ ; if they have a ‘normal’ headache, they’d say they have ‘migraine’ and the list goes endless…. And upon asking them what exactly they mean when they say they have ‘acidity’ or ‘psoriasis’ etc. , they’re completely CONFUSED as to what to say.

Not long ago, during the ‘SIMPLER’ times, when a person used to go to a doctor for any problems he would be facing, the doctor would ‘listen’ to the patient intently and patiently and try to understand the trouble through the ‘SYMPTOMS’ the patient gave or in simpler terms, as to what his ‘BODY SPOKE ‘ ; then ask a few questions as to the origin of the trouble etc. and prescribe a medicine or two and send the patient off ….NO TESTS , NO ‘NAMING’ the problem/disease and no unnecessary drama of going to any ‘SPECIALISTS’ whatsoever, unless the need be ….and generally the patients would get better upon taking that ‘SIMPLE’ medication only.

Today , when a person goes to a doctor for a simple problem as a backache or a headache or a fever or so , the doctor puts the patient on
a set of medicines to ‘START’ with, but alongside also ‘PRESCRIBES’ a series of tests to be conducted upon him, the results of which would ‘HELP’ him (the doctor) give the ‘PROPER’ medicines to the patient. So , what , I ask , was the initial medicine given for , when according to the doctor , he would ‘UNDERSTAND’ the patient’s problem and gain ‘CLARITY’ only after the test results come in????

Why do we have to ‘POP-IN’ pills at every small little problem that we physically face? Why can’t we keep the patience to let nature do its work? Our bodies are born perfect and know how to heal themselves, only if we keep the patience and faith…. Only if this natural healing does not seem to be ‘complete’ and satisfactory, should we seek the external help of ‘medicines’ and that too, try our best to keep it natural and simple through natural healing methods as of Homoeopathy , Ayurveda , physiotherapy etc.

ONLY WHEN WE , as patients , take equal responsibility for these methods of treatments that are being employed THESE days by the doctors ; ONLY WHEN WE , as alert educated minds, stand up to question these ‘money making’ tactics of these ‘SPECIALISTS’ , will we start to see the ‘HEALTHY LIGHTS in OUR LIVES’ back again which have been so dulled due to various causes in our times….

It is upon us to pave the path and show the ‘HEALTHY ‘ alternatives to better lifestyles to our coming generations . Be those ‘BEACONS of LIGHTS’ for your children by shining through, by setting up ‘EXAMPLES’ of your own , coz believe me ‘CHILDREN OBSERVE US’ even while we least know and mentally make up so many of their life decisions while they are still young ….!!!!

Much Love n Light