Reverse the Dis-ease

For us to become ‘WHOLE n HEALTHY’ , we must BALANCE the BODY, MIND n SPIRIT. We need to take good care of our bodies. We need to have/develop a POSITIVE mental attitude about ourselves and about life. And we need to have a strong SPIRITUAL CONNECTION. When these three things are balanced , we REJOICE in living. No doctor , no health practitioner can give us this unless WE choose to take part in our healing process.

DIS-EASE can be simply REVERSED by reversing our mental patterns.

For eg.: Cancer comes from a pattern of deep resentment that is held for a long time, until it literally eats away at the body. That is why when one gets operated to get rid of the cancer , but does not work at clearing the mental patterns that created it, then the doctors just keep cutting the patient until there is no more to cut. Only when we clear the mental pattern that brought about the cancer, then the cancer would not return.

Similar is the case with so many of the diseases that our bodies suffer from. It is we , who have manifested those into our bodies n lives , sometimes intentionally , but mostly ,unintentionally and unknowingly.

We are often so blind to our own patterns and these diseases are a great reminder of ‘HOW NEGATIVELY CREATIVE WE CAN BE’!!!!

Now when a person comes to me , no matter how DIRE their predicament seems to be, I know that if they are WILLING to do the mental work of RELEASING , almost anything can be HEALED. The word ‘INCURABLE’ , which is so FRIGHTENING to so many people, really only means that the particular conditions cannot be cured by ‘OUTER METHODS’ and that we must ‘GO WITHIN’ to effect the healing.

The BACH FLOWER REMEDIES work exactly towards this . They help us ‘REFLECT’ on our insides and HEAL us from the WITHIN. Taking them , is a natural way to establish inner harmony and emotional balance and to get to RELEASE and CLEAR those disturbing emotional patterns that lead to physical disease.

The thoughts we have, n the words we use everyday , create our lives, affect our health and shape our experiences. HONEYSUCKLE, to get rid of the disturbing past memories, WHITE CHESTNUT, to get rid of frequently repetitive thoughts, WALNUT , for protection from change and outside influences and so on and so forth…..

These remedies are beautiful ‘FRIENDS IN A BOTTLE’ as I consider them to be , those friends which lead you out of ‘situations’ and are with you through ‘thick and thin’…. and just knowing that you have ‘ someone’ to fall back on , in every situation in life, makes life so much easier and happier and thereby disease free!!!!

Much Love n Light