Questioning Patients

Upon questioning patients , trying to get down to the root cause of a certain issue or a behaviour/behavioural pattern , there come up some incidents in their lives which they say , have long before happened in their lives n which don’t play on their minds any more. So why is it that even tday when they ‘talk’ of those instances , they actually are not comfortable ‘talking’ about them?

Either a lot of pent up anger or lots of ‘unshed tears or some deeply buried emotions start to pour out then…. !!!! The mind might have ‘forgotten’ ‘what’ we’ve faced at certain points in our lives but the heart always remembers ‘how’ those times made us feel.

HONEYSUCKLE is an excellent Bach Remedy that helps us balance out those long lost pent up emotions that make us feel not-so-good about ourselves for all those ‘forgotten’ times. It helps us to get over our past memories that still cause discomfort and ‘pain’ even after all the years that might have passed since those ‘incidents’.

To get over the past occurrences that might cause feelings of guilt now , the Bach Remedy PINE should be added along.

It is very important that all such past occurrences be well taken care off , for these memories and the feelings they leave us with , are like a sharp knife that keep on deepening the wounds with each passing year ; and upon hearing of other people who might have gone through similar experiences in their lives, our past wounds also become raw and start to pain like hell, whether we express that or not.

A mixture of WALNUT (to be able to adjust our emotions now) HONEYSUCKLE ( to get rid of the past memories), PINE ( if there are feelings of regret attached to the memories) and STAR OF BETHLEHAM ( if the incident was of a shocking nature) shall help one get back to his normal happy self emotionally and physically.