Be Your Own Hero

pen to paper
and nothing to write
as if my mind’s gone blank
seeing the paper white…
a thousand thoughts brewing up inside
creating so much chaos
a battle of the worlds ensuing
words, like weapons collide….
i try to collect my thoughts scattered,
sit down with them
trying to console the soul battered….
finally, random thoughts start taking shape
i quickly jot them down for fear they’ll escape…
talk cohesively to me oh my mind
tell me of all the tales lost behind
I’m here for you now,
maybe took me a while!
fear no more,
the snowy winds n the stormy seas
I’m here for you
even if gloom is all you feel…
we’ll see each other through
and start a love all new
trust me today some more than you do
coz you’re so mine
n am always there for you!!!

Love n Light

*Reema Vohra*