Enjoy Life More !

This world seems so busy
all in a hurry
guess each one has their own baggages of worry
no time to rest
no time for joy
will anyone ever just for a moment stand-by?
life’s not easy , i agree
but just for a moment
if we look around
there’s so much more than meets the eye
beautiful flowers blooming
the bees around buzzing
sweet children, no cares in the world
finding joy in the mud, jumping in the puddle
the shining sun , smiling at us each day
reminding us of the Universe’s glory!
take these joys big and small
feeling grateful all along
for no life’s battles are won with a heart sad
but with hopes strong n joy in the heart!
let today be the day of change
opening ourselves to the love that ever so prevails
so that when we later tell our stories
to the future boys n girls
we say with our hearts so proud
that they hear it out clear n loud
and learn forever that all that matters is your feeling good
then all shall fit in , perfect as it should
you’ll be happy as can be
if love and light is all that you seek!

©Reema Vohra