There are so many fears that we all have in life and among them , the FEAR OF FAILING is just so high on the list, that so many of us just keep day-dreaming but never take that first step towards starting the journey for the realisation of those dreams!

They say that ‘a job well begun is half done!’ but for some, starting on is the biggest challenge…for, that’s the moment all the inner negative voices start creeping in… “What if I fail?” “What if the people around me don’t like what I’m going to do?” ” What if my plan doesn’t work?” “What if this… What if that…. What if they…????” and the inner questioning is never ending and so heavy on the head that all the reasons you wanted to start on just go deep down the dungeon!!!

Life is a journey! And journeys are meant to be exciting! Now , excitement could be part fun and part learning new things on the way before you reach your destination. But if you dream of going to new places and reaching new destinations , the ones that are there on your bucket list , then you have to start somewhere ! Only dreaming of the destination doesn’t take you there. And if you keep apprehending the various hurdles or hiccups in your journey , thinking of “What if my flight gets delayed?” or ” What if my plane crashes?” or ” What if I get ill when I reach my destination?” then how’ll you ever get to see those places you’ve always dreamt of?

Similarly, if you never start on working towards achieving your goals and give up at the thought of all the hiccups that’ll ever come in the way, there’s no way you’ll ever be proud of yourself and the life you’ve lived!

All I say is DREAM! DREAM BIG and then put in all you have, to make those dreams come true! LIVE YOUR LIFE TO THE FULLEST! CHERISH EACH MOMENT IN YOUR LIFE EVEN THE MOMENT WHEN YOU TRIP. For, the moment you trip, there’s an INNER VOICE and an INNER STRENGTH that’ll make you RISE UP ONCE AGAIN ! DON’T BELITTLE THAT MOMENT …for, it’s in those moments of RISING UP that tell one , that I’M ENOUGH and that is all that matters!!!! It’s moments like those that remind one that I’M A WINNER and no matter what life throws at me I RISE N SHINE THROUGH IT ALL!