Follow Your Heart

This was what my DADDYJI taught me!!! My MENTOR, my GURU, my GUIDE, my EARTH ANGEL , whatsoever name by which I call him , my Daddyji, Dr.D.S.Vohra, taught me this through examples galore and this is the MESSAGE I try to SPREAD FORWARD with EACH BREATH I take….

This is the WAY of my LIFE and believe me, the MOST BEAUTIFUL too! For, when I go by what my CONSCIENCE tells me to, no matter how many difficulties be there at the given time, as many hurdles to cross, but I FOLLOW my heart and in the end ALL SETTLES WELL n how!

Just be sure NOT to SUPPRESS the INNER VOICE by your ARGUMENTS n JUSTIFICATIONS, for, what it comes in to tell us is GOD’S WAY of SPEAKING with us n when HE SPEAKS n GUIDES, it is always for OUR BEST ….so TRUST the SMALL VOICE coming from the CORNER of YOUR heart n let it be YOUR GUIDE… FOLLOW IT n you’ll be led into the most MIRACULOUS RESULTS you could ever have imagined of!