Miracles Happen Everyday

Recently I had a patient come in to take medicine for her mother-in-law for HERPES.

Usually I don’t encourage people taking medicines for their relatives without the patient himself/ herself coming in, but on this occasion , due to the patient being in a pretty bad state (as stated by this person) , I gave in to give medicine for her.

The lady suffering from herpes, which was diagnosed 2-3 days earlier , is about 75+ yrs old and her relatives had been running from pillar to post since then , taking her from the skin specialist to the neurologist , to the eye specialist (herpes was in the area surrounding the eye) but the lady’s PAINS were becoming UNBEARABLE …she had been CRYING her heart out since the last day , though the doctor had advised to keep her eyes dry , but inspite of all efforts it was becoming difficult for the relatives to manage her n her condition , so they finally came to see me on this, seeking help from HOMOEOPATHY n BACH FLOWER REMEDIES that I practice.

Upon taking a DETAILED CASE of the PATIENT’S CONDITION n her STATE of MIND , I gave a few homoeopathic medicines alongside a Bach Remedies combination …all this to take care of her physical as well as mental condition so that she be BETTER OVERALL n SOON.

The next morning as soon as I reached clinic , this relative who’d come in to take the patient’s medicine called me while I was on another call…
Upon calling her back , the words she said sounded like music to my ears…. As soon as she picked up the phone , she said, ” Maine sirf aapko thanks Karne me liye phone Kiya tha. Meri mother-in-law bahut better Hain, unki pain bhi bahut Kam hai” ( I JUST CALLED to say THANKS…my MOTHER-IN-LAW is MUCH BETTER today, her PAIN is also VERY LESS) .

BEAUTIFUL is the way GRACE works! Amazing are His ways! I was so elated to hear those words…so filled with GRATITUDE¬†?for BLESSING me with this work n GUIDING me through?

If you BELIEVE in HIM n have FAITH in the REMEDIES u’re taking, He takes to WELLNESS in the BLINK OF AN EYE!