Seek the Doctor Within

In earlier days, when one used to fall ill, develop fever, have stomach problems etc. the first thing they used to do was , stop feeding the body unless one felt hungry from within.

In today’s times, when one falls ill, no matter how much he/she refuses to eat, we forcefully , either physically (in the case of infants) or through emotional words , tend to feed them , saying that the body needs ‘nourishment’ to heal. Moreover, if one is taking allopathic medicines for the same then those pills cannot be given without having eaten something beforehand because they can do a lot of harm on an empty stomach.

Whenever one is not well , the NATURAL IMMUNE system of the body starts to work upon the body part that isn’t working to its optimum and is creating discomfort or ‘dis’ease. So the energies within, gather up to focus upon that particular part of the body . During this time, the body does not feel any need to be fed additionally. But, when we ‘forcefully’ eat or drink during this period, we pressurise our systems to work dually…half of the energies are divided in digesting whatever the body is being fed (either by eating or by drinking anything except water) and the other half work towards correcting the diseased part. Thereby it slows down the healing process of the body.

Our bodies have innate natural powers to start the healing process from within and if we let nature do its work without interfering , then the cure is perfect and without any side effects! But in these modern times, when we say that science has greatly progressed and has benefitted us so much , we immediately tend to pop in a pill everytime there’s a physical problem. And as the saying goes, ‘Hurry Never takes us Anywhere’ we are actually HAMPERING the body’s innate natural power to heal and ultimately make the system go haywire , thereby breaking down the natural IMMUNITY every body is born with…!!!!

Let nature take its course to curing you from the within and bringing about complete relief rather than artificially suppressing the symptoms to bring about temporary relief from the outside.

Let the DOCTOR WITHIN YOU TAKE CHARGE and see how PERFECT our BODIES have been created by the DIVINE.

Much Love and Light