Knee Pains

For all those who say they have KNEE PAINS and can’t move about freely, my suggestion to you is WALK!!! Quite an ironic suggestion it is , isn’t it? But believe me, all these modern theories of giving rest to your knees and legs when there is pain or stiffness in them , is absolutely the opposite to your gaining natural body strength and movement back !!!

Consider your BODY to be like a MACHINE that has not been run since a long time, so, as this machine gets older , gradually it’s parts will begin gathering rust and it’s functioning will become even slower ; at times it might even refuse to work….!!!! Similar is the case with our bodies …. if we’re not keeping our bodies in proper movement while we’re young and we develop sedentary habits, do most our work sitting only and that too in the wrong posture, so as we age (and mind you, here I’m not talking about 50s or 60s , but as young as 30s and 40s too), our bodies become used to that sluggishnessness and we can’t move smoothly. There is Tension in our legs and Stiffness in our joints, especially the knee joints, which prevents us from free movement. And in this condition when one approaches the doctor , the doctor prescribes various painkillers and REST and in some cases, KNEE REPLACEMENT!!!! Upon this suggestion of his, you again are working on the same pattern that once CREATED the problem you are in now.


In order that your ‘machine’ starts to work optimally again, don’t you think you should rather have oiled it’s parts and then gradually brought it to the working condition again?

For bringing your body to move smoothly again , don’t you think at least NOW you need to break the old pattern of NOT MOVING to START MOVING again? Give the ‘GREASE ‘ your body needs by oiling it with the RIGHT FOODS and NUTRITION and START to MOVE it by WALKING !!!! Once you start on this path , you’re not far from RECOVERY….!!!! WALK in the indoors when there’s sun or rain outside; walk outside when you can ….go to a park ,walk at the pace that suits you; it’s not the speed that you walk at, that matters , rather the fact that your body is moving and you’re walking !!! To see the children play in the park , the birds chirp around, the lush greens there and getting to make friends with the new people you see around there not only makes you physically healthy but also brings happiness and peace to your soul!!!!

VINE Remedy helps one get rid of the stiffness in the joints and IMPATIENS and RESCUE help with the pain.

Much Love n Light