Rescue Cream

One of the best sellers! As the name suggests, this cream comes in handy to Rescue one from any untoward accidental injury, cut, bruise, burn etc. Be it an infant or a grown up person, anyone having any cut, abrasion, rash, itch, burn, diaper rash, sun burn, pimple, acne, when applies Rescue Cream on the same, gets instant relief without the skin severing further and that area getting healed without any scar remaining.

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Calming Cream

Another one of the best sellers and as its name suggests - when in stress, tension, having repeated thoughts leading to inability to sleep, some distressing event/conversation that keeps banging on, some untoward call in the middle of the night or during the day - anytime when you and your mind need that calm to focus on the more important things ,applying this cream gets you to that relaxed , calm place within yourself soon enough.

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Vericose Veins Cream

Regular application of this cream on the distressed veins helps with the pain and settling the veins, bringing them back to normal.

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Face Cream

In these times, when no matter what age one is, one always wants to look young and fresh, hence, using all the chemically formulated skin products that create havoc with one's natural beauty in the long run, this Face cream, if applied regularly is one, that not only keeps you moisturised but also wrinkle free , pigmentation free and free of any chemicals whatsoever, thereby keeping your skin fresh, healthy and young & blemish free always without the use of any chemicals.

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Pains and Stiffness Cream

This cream is extremely useful when one has pain or stiffness in any part of the body. A stiff neck, stiffness in the joints etc. get better with the application of this cream without any chemicals going into your body , which usually happens when you're using all the various sprays and the chemically formulated creams that are so advertised today.

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