An Electrical Engineer, Gold medalist, born in 1912, Dr. D.S.Vohra - my Grandfather-in-law, mentor, my friend, philosopher, guide- however you may say it, blessed me by passing over to me his passion, one, that he turned into his mission, to serve the society and heal the people here-in of the various diseases, both physical and emotional and bring their happy smiling, beautiful auras shining back, making this world a little bit more worth living in.

When his wife passed away in 1971, from suffering with cancer, he had his whole life ahead of him. But unlike someone else who'd have delved into deep grief, "Daddyji" (as we all lovingly called him) grew himself from that and drew strength from this untimely loss. Handing over his successfully established business to his children to run, he developed interest in Homeopathy, gradually treating family members and then people around him who needed his help.

The pious soul that he was, people respected him and trusted him much and as word spread around, more and more people started to pour in seeking his help. And then one day he heard of Bach Flower Remedies through one him family members - as inquisitive and determined he was, to give back to the society in whatever positive way he could, he started studying about these Remedies and found them to be too interesting. Moreover, if used as a supplement with the homeopathic medicines, he realised that it was the perfect combination towards perfect healing - for, health means complete harmony in the working of the Body, Mind and the Soul and the real cause of any disease is the imbalance between this trio - the Body, Mind and the Soul.

Homoeo-Bach Therapy since then came into existence, some 35 years ago with Daddyji having written over 20 books on these subjects and treating over thousands of patients, investing all of his time, money, hard work and all, putting his heart and soul into this passion turned mission of his.

This amalgamation of Homoeopathy and Bach Flower Remedies according to him is, "the perfect amalgamation" as "both the therapies are perfect, true and when I see a patient come in with any discomfort disease, I do not have to wait to find out, whether its his physical body or his mind that is bothering him in that acute state of discomfort and I prescribe him the specific homoeopathic medicine to give instant relief, along-side the required Bach Remedies, to follow up through the discomfort and relieve him completely and fully of it."

Married to his grandson, my beautiful soulmate, Harmeet, it took me some time to take in all this - this grandeur he had about himself, that reflected through all the people who came in at his clinic, with such hope & gratitude in their eyes and the immense respect and love they had for him. Such passion & love of his, to serve humanity with such humility pulled me towards him and his noble cause.

As they say, "When the student is ready, the master appears", and so it happened with me. Of all the places in the world and of the people known, unknown, my Guru appeared as my Daddyji and taught me, blessing me with the most beautiful gift one can ever give anyone.

He handed over to me, his torch, his light, his passion for service, to serve with love and care. To that day and this, all days of my journey here, I promise with all my heart to take forward his legacy and to serve as he would, with love and care and all my heart, to those who ever need me and come to me for helping them lessen their burdens, diseases & worries and to bring back those smiling faces and smiling hearts, in any way I can.

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