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Born of parents, who believe in being of service to one and all of His creations, in whatever meagre manner one can, I grew up to be a girl with lots of love and humility, with a heart to always serve with a smile. Scholastically brilliant and an all rounder, I loved to talk much as well! Never did I know, that all of these traits that I had, would one day magnetically pull me into the beautiful world that I now live in, of my work, that's my passion and my vision - to create and leave behind a beautiful world with healthy, healed, smiling hearts all around.

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I'm happy to offer VIRTUAL CONSULTATION via Skype, FaceTime, Watsapp Calling etc. I create bespoke packages depending upon one's needs as to the physical and/or emotional help one is seeking, thereby helping get unstuck and free of your emotional baggages and physical troubles.

These packages are an amalgamation of Coaching/Counselling/Homoeopathy/Bach Flower Remedies as per your requirements, to help you feel better gently and permanently.

You can also buy TAILOR-MADE KITS from me, consisting of Homoeopathic and/or Bach Remedies and chemical-free natural ointments/creams according to your requirements.

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Rameet Kaur Vohra (Reema Vohra) - BFRP

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