Let’s Keep it Simple

Bach Flower Therapy was intended to , by Dr. Bach , to bring to the mankind , cures for their troubles, in the SIMPLEST n the EASIEST way.

NO laboratory tests, no materia medica researches, no long histories n no sort of complicated diagnosis!

He’d summed up all the TRAITS of HUMAN NATURE simply into 38 BASIC TYPES, thereby giving us these 38 Bach Remedies, to treat the negative aspects of any n all of these nature traits n bring forth a BALANCED HEALTHY INDIVIDUAL.

” Let not the simplicity of this method deter you from its use, for, you will find the further your researches advance, the greater you will realize the simplicity of all Creation” .

Dr. Bach was a QUALIFIED ALLOPATHIC doctor, with a flourishing practice in England but felt the ‘CHEMICAL’ ways of the practice too ARTIFICIAL a cure …. Later got a DEGREE in HOMOEOPATHY as well n practiced it for a few years too. He found Homoeopathy too to be a very TEDIOUS n COMPLICATED a system of treatment – to remember the drug pictures of hundreds of homoeopathic medicines n to match them with the disease-symptoms of the patients , then find the correct potency suitable in a particular case, then to correlate the medicine with the previous case history of the patient – his heredity, the previous incidents n the accidents of his life, the possible effects of the various drugs used by him n the miasmatic effect implanted on his system (poof!) …making the choice of a suitable remedy still more DIFFICULT n TIME CONSUMING.

DR. BACH BELIEVED that Nature that was always working toward the perfection of each individual life , must have some simple means of maintaining the health of these living bodies too.

Hence, after roaming about in the jungles n ravines , for 6 long years , trying to find the answers to his questions, Dr. Bach collected information about how the various plants n their flowers situated in isolated places saved themselves from the vagaries of nature- rains, storms, tempest , sunshine, clouds, lightening etc. n continued to grow despite changes in surroundings . He collected several plants n flowers n gradually produced 38 medicines which correspond to the 38 possible changes of man’s moods n his nature thereof.

As SIMPLIFIED as he wanted this SYSTEM of HEALING to be , TODAY people are again coming up with all sorts of theories n CONTORTIONS n DISTORTIONS to complicate this beautiful simple method of treatment too. People have starting selling these Remedies in DIFFERENT POTENCIES ; like really?, so many are selling them under SPECIFIC ‘PATENT’ COMBINATIONS for various troubles as ‘abundance combination’ , ‘ beauty combination’ , ‘study combination’ etc etc.

There is NO SPECIFIC COMBINATION of Bach Remedies or any POTENCY , for that matter, for any specific problem in the Bach system of treatment. For each individual, according to their specific needs n conditions, a specific remedy needs to be given , stand-alone or in a combination of 2 or more at times… But each is always prescribed according to each patient’s needs; NEVER a PRE-FORMULATED COMBINATION that works for all in a specific physical condition.

Moreover, there are NO POTENCIES in Bach Remedies …if it had to be so complicated, then Homoeopathy would’ve sufficed! When we describe the advantages of the Bach system of Medicine , we do not condemn the Homoeopathic system as being inferior! Rather that, the Bach system is simply EASIER n SIMPLER to use n thereby CORRECT the ‘FAULTS’ in our PHYSICAL BODIES via CORRECTING the ‘FAULTS’ in our ‘MENTAL SETUPS’ .

Let us show our GRATITUDE n our REVERENCE to this beautiful soul, the saviour, the simple loving caring being that he was, by following in his footsteps of how he wanted the system of treatment to be just ‘SO PURE n so SIMPLE’ for all to be able to benefit from it. LET US NOT TRY TO ADULTERATE or COMPLICATE the ‘SIMPLE’ WAYS of NATURE n the SIMPLICITY of THIS SYSTEM of BACH FLOWER REMEDIES TO SUIT OUR ‘GREEDY’ ‘PERSONAL’ MEANS by trying to bring out our own theories regarding this simple way of healing!

In GRATITUDE n LOVE for all that DR. BACH gave us through these TRULY MAGICAL POTIONS in the form of BACH REMEDIES, the TRUE HEALERS!