Eating Healthy

It’s not the ‘EATING HEALTHY’ or the EXERCISING part only that determine the future health of a person …it’s the ‘THINKING HEALTHY’ and the ‘BEING HAPPY’ that make for a disease-free life….

The mind is so powerful that inspite of whatever health measures one might be taking , if he/she is unhappy within or unsatisfied , then these so called ‘HORRIFIC DISEASES’ n the ‘ GENETIC ONES’ are bound to come up coz it’s these ‘MENTAL TRIGGERS’ that ultimately help all these to come to the forefront. All these genes are already present in everyone’s bodies but for them to show up as a disease in anybody , a trigger is required n in today’s times these triggers are not physical coz everyone is taking such good care of their bodies but in this race for the physical , we totally forget that we are foremost here to be ‘HAPPY’ n the emotional side therefore not being taken care of is taking everyone’s health for a toll.

Moreover, earlier, articles relating to the issue of Sonali Bendre’s illhealth urged everyone to get regular tests done including mammography etc at regular intervals. But I propose the opposite…!!! These tests should be avoided as much as one can , coz the rays from these tests are just so harmful that each time u get these tests done, so many of ur healthy cells get damaged in the process …I’ve had so many cases where the tests show that the person doesn’t have any problems but still , talking to him/her, so many physical issues are there. So does that person not require treatment just coz all his tests are fine?

Nature is perfect, n so are our bodies …!!! Our bodies speak to us n keep telling us from time to time that there’s a problem within, so please look into it , but we being as we are, tend to ignore the body’s voice n then one fine day the problems are too much to bear…tests are done n some ‘big’ disease is diagnosed…n we give the credit to those ‘tests’ to have revealed what was there in our bodies …but to what avail? The body had been giving signals for long but we paid no heed to them… had we worked upon the issues there n then, the ‘big disease’ wouldn’t have cropped up only..

30,40,50 yrs ago also people used to get ill ,yet, get better sooner n easily even though ‘tests’ never used to be there… How? Coz every problem used to be taken care of indigenously, without any chemical formulations or any tensions of some ‘big diseases’ working up their way insidiously. Things n times n people were simple n so were the cures…!!! Everyone used to eat everything n still be healthy…

These tests or fad diets or the artificial lives everyone’s leading are the seeds of these diseases being so prevalent today… The need of the hour is to bring back that ‘HAPPINESS’ n ‘SIMPLICITY’ into our lives back again n once that is done , health is sure to come in too!!!!

Much Love n Light,

Reema Vohra