Flower of the Day: Hornbeam

Long weekend here in India…. and it’s so difficult to get back to work right in the middle of the week!!!! Phew!!!! Wish there were just one more day off….!!!!

Not only on these kind of days, but in general also, especially Monday mornings , don’t we all go through the same kind of ‘tired’ energy as if we need another ‘Sunday’ to cope up with this ‘Monday’??? For all such days n more, when we feel so drained on our strengths and tend to PROCRASTINATE, HORNBEAM in the set of Bach Remedies is the one to call upon!

HORNBEAM comes from the group of Bach Remedies for people who suffer from UNCERTAINTY. It is used for feelings of EXHAUSTION n TIREDNESS even before any effort has been made .

It’s a state of tiredness ‘Wholly in the Mind’ and can’t be traced to any actual events in the real world! The person in this state feels weary when he looks forward at the demands of the day.

It’s not that he’ll be unable to accomplish the tasks of the day, but taking the first step to start only , is the biggest stumbling block for him! It’s easier to stay in the bed, keep thinking of ‘how to begin’ n stay put in one place or maybe even find other ‘unfruitful’ things to do than to make a START here!!!! Here, upon taking a few doses of HORNBEAM, this ‘mental’ feeling of ‘exhaustion’ n ‘tiredness’ , goes away!

HORNBEAM is especially of importance for ‘students’ , who , upon seeing the ‘lengthy’ question paper and ‘long questions’ therein , feel the lack of enthusiasm and interest to answer the questions , even without making the effort to read them….moreover they even leave the questions which seem lengthy enough to be read, let alone answered, even though their answers might be pretty short or easy.

Feeling these emotions once in a while is ok but if these become part of our nature, feeling tired and exhausted and procrastinating, then HORNBEAM is the answer to your prayers !

STOP PROCRASTINATING, take HORNBEAM and see wonders and miracles come into your lives too!!!!

Much Love n Light