Follow Up

I always ask my patients to call me up and give me a feedback as to their condition once they’ve taken the medicine.

This helps twofold – firstly their response helps me record, as to when they are facing a certain problem, which medicine acts better for them and the next time I’m in a better position to help them get faster relief because of their response to a particular medicine ; secondly , not only do they help themselves by giving me a feedback but also, these feedbacks help in understanding when and what to prescribe to the other people going through similar kind of problems…

Knowledge from books no doubt helps in selecting specific remedies for troubles, but practically putting the remedies to use and then seeing a particular remedy working wonders, out of a given set of medicines, is the best kind of knowledge one could gain! And this knowledge comes to you right through the feedback the patients give you.

Listening patiently to the patients’ woes and lending them an ear (when mostly the world is so caught up in their own busy lives, and no one has anyone to talk to ,without the other person being judgemental), makes them feel as if someone really cares for them and they openly pour out their inner selves thereby giving you a better insight into how the mind works on the body and how for a certain physical ailment the remedy to be selected has to work through the emotions as well , to cure completely.

I’m always open to the wonderful ways and the guidance of the universe, to understanding the magical ways our bodies and minds work , which the books have never taught us, but we as humans, through our interactions with each other, teach us.

It is one task to select a certain remedy and dispense it to the patient, and another , to be THERE for him , to HEAR him out , to make him feel WANTED, to patiently UNDERSTAND what he really needs in his hour of distress and to convey to him in the gentlest of ways that he’s got YOU to fall back on , that you’re OPEN to LISTENING to him neutrally and without being judgemental to however he’s feeling after taking the medicine you gave him. His feedback is very precious and gives one the knowledge and insight that no book could ever give!!

Much Love n Light