How Emotions Harm your Body?

These days , so many of the new clients that I see, come in with various troubles as skin diseases, asthma, chronic cough, severe depression etc. , tell me that in the various other pathys that they’ve followed till date, they’ve been suggested to move to new places because maybe the environment they’re living in is not suitable for them or the people they’re living with are the reason for their depression or the air quality of a certain place is not good enough and so and and so forth…. To them I ask , is each and every person living there going through the same problems as they are? And very meekly the answer I get is “No”…and on further introspection they understand that the problem is actually not with the ‘outside’ but is deep embedded ‘inside’ of themselves….and this realisation, my friends, is enough to start the ‘CURE’ !!!!!

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