Intrested in Other’s Lives

I wonder why people are more interested in knowing of what is happening in others’ lives than, of what they can do to deal with the various issues in their own lives.

So, lately, I had someone , who was so much interested in learning about the medical condition of someone coming for treatment to me , who was distantly known to them too. And it’s not been the first time that this has happened , but just that, this time I was quite determined to shut off these kind of conversations once n forever. So I very politely, yet sternly told them that I NEVER DISCUSS MY PATIENTS OR THEIR PROBLEMS , be it whosoever that’s asking me or whoever’s condition they’re talking about or rather trying to gossip about.

And believe me, even this clearly said NO did not budge them from further probing…so the next respectable thing I did was to politely excuse myself from the situation and go away from them.

It’s never wrong to excuse yourself from negative talk or random negative behaviour. People are encouraged to throw negativity towards you only if you encourage such behaviour of theirs. Don’t be a dustbin for all the trash in others n their minds. Take an exit from all such situations , people n places, and believe me , your soul and your heart n mind are going to feel so light and so right !!!

Much Love n Light