The negative energy that rules the world these days… !!!
You have slight pain on the left side of your chest…you’re scared it might be some kinda heart trouble! Whereas when the same kind of pain is experienced on the right side, you well assume it to be due to some indigestion or gas. So when you go running to the doc with the left sided pain , without even asking you what might be the cause of the trouble or touching base with your other health issues and your health history , he immediately prescribes a series of tests to be run on your body regarding the heart !!! Scared you already are, and look where you land up, with, even more fear instilled into you at the mere suggestion of having the tests done for “u might be suffering from a heart trouble” as the doctor says!!! which might entirely NOT be the case. Everyone knows that indigestion leads to gas and gas can travel or be stuck up in any part of the body ; on these lines couldn’t it have travelled to the left side of your chest or arm or shoulder? But the moment you panic and your fear takes over you , the ‘money minded’ doctor( if he is!!! ), will take complete advantage of the fact that you’re scared to death of the pain and may lead you to the wrong path of treatment.

RESCUE Remedy taken frequently in all such situations, where you have a PHYSICAL or an EMOTIONAL ‘EMERGENCY’ not only RESCUES you THERE and THEN , but also prevents you from coming under the grip of further fear and agony at the hands of the ‘greedy doctors’ (the ones we hear so much of ) these days!!!