Today’s World of Hurry, Stress n Chaos

Today’s world of hurry, stress n chaos has left noone untouched(except maybe a few very enlightened souls!, of which I ain’t a part.Our minds are under so much pressure these days that we’re all, it seems, mentally more exhausted than our physical bodies are… and once the mind can take in no more ‘tension’, these ‘tensions’ start manifesting in the physical bodies as ‘diseases’ !!! So going back full circle, if we want to enjoy our ‘disease’ free bodies again , we need to cut out the stress n the chaos from our minds… easier said than done, right??!!! NO!!!
So that is where my journey with Homoeo-Bach Therapy started. Under the superior guidance of my late grandfather in law Dr.D.S.Vohra, I stumped upon this beautiful beautiful path of healing where people come in with various worries, diseases n hopelessness deeply buried within themselves, and upon taking these ‘natural healers- Homoeo-Bach medicines’ go out happy and smiling (my eternal reward , I feel so blessed to receive )!!!!
So here’s a very warm welcome to you all n a special invite to join me in this beautiful journey of mine , to make a small attempt to bring those happy hearts and smiling faces back across the world!!!
So much love n light !!!!